Web App Channel Development

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) ican help you deploy a web app for your streaming channel. We provide high quality web app channel developer services, programming and software engineering services to clients in healthcare, higher education and business.

MIC has done app development and engineering for clients such as Parables.tv, where we created launched and developed a custom video on demand and live stream channel.

Our channel development service features the following for all our clients:

  • A branded web app channel with no ads built just for you.
  • There are no high-priced monthly charges.
  • While most companies will have you pay $399, $750, and even $1,500 a month, MIC only provides those as a one-time setup fee. We look out for all our customers.
  • Unlike most companies, there are no additional, or even hidden, monthly bandwidth or video storage charges.
  • Along with the one-time development fee, there are no required ongoing licensing fees.
  • Some companies will force you to have ads in your own personal channel. However, MIC will not put ads on the channel of your choice.
  • Owning an web app channel will be compatible with our intelligent Media Cloud.

Companies offering to host and stream your videos a web app always have hidden costs. They will simply give you a few Gigabytes of bandwidth each month that quickly get eaten up when you stream content to your customers. They then charge you high prices for the additional bandwidth that you need to service your customers each month.

We do not require you to buy high priced-bandwidth from us. Neither do we charge you a high mandatory monthly service charge just to keep your channel on an app platform. Once we develop your channel, it is yours to keep forever. MIC is always available to update your channel when you are ready.

Our projects have given us extensive experience in integrating customer websites with web app channels. Customers can log onto a website, become a subscriber and instantly use the web app channel. Alternately, we can design web app channels that allow purchases or subscriptions directly through web app.

Please contact MIC for a consultation on your web app development needs. We are happy to help with your project.