Monetize Your Roku Channel By Playing Ads

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) offers an Ad Supported Roku channel package to our customers. This package allows our customers to play ads from third party ad brokers within their video content. Our customers receive the revenue from the ads directly.

This type of channel is perfect if you want to create a Roku channel that plays ads in order to support the operation of your channel.

Our Advertising Ready Roku channel package includes:

  • A channel that can be either a private or a public Roku channel.
  • Our intelligent Media Cloud that can be used to update and edit your channel as often as needed.
  • A one-time development price with no required no ongoing licensing fees
  • The ability to play ads from multiple ad broker partners.
  • Waterfalling ad broker management system that check all ad broker partners for available ads.
  • When our channel finds ads to play, the system plays the ads from that partner.
  • The system can play preroll and midroll ads dedpending if your videos are long form or short form content.

We are reasonably priced, as we will always look out for our customers. Our monthly channel management software starts at only $24.95 per month for a personal or micro business channel.

How much money can I make by playing ad pods on my channel?

The answer to this question depends on several variables:

  • How many minutes of videos do your viewers watch each day?
  • How many pods are available for you to play each day?
  • What is the price that an ad broker will pay you to show 1K ads?

Each time an ad break appears, the viewer is shown between one and three ads. These ads are called “pods.” We offer Roku channels where these pods play within a video every seven minutes. A typical movie is between 90 and 120 minutes. Our system is designed to play pods every seven minutes throughout the length of the film.

How many minutes of video do you show each day?

This depends on your content. If you have short form content (ie five minute videos) then ads will need to be played at the beginning of the video before the video content starts. Usually short form videos can only play one set of ads, so you will need to play a lot of these videos to make money.

However, if your viewers are watching long form content like movies, you can play a number of ad pods in a single movie. Your ad plays will add up more quickly in long form content than short form content. Remember the more minutes of video content you play each day, the higher number of ad plays you will incur.

You will need to play at least 1K of ads per day to make even a few hundred dollars a month. You will need to play hundred of thousands of ads in a month to make more than a thousand dollars on ad revenue.

How many ad pods are available for you to play each day?

Even if your viewers watch lots of long form videos each day, your revenue will depend on how many ads your ad broker gives you to play each day. If your ad broker only provides you with 4K of ads each day, you will be limited to making no more than the number of ads your broker allows you to play.

Our Roku software helps you overcome this limitation, by allowing you to partner with several ad brokers. We then check the brokers for ads in what is called a “waterfall.” First our system checks the first ad broker, if there are no ads to play, our system checks the second ad broker, etc.

We currently support several ad broker streams in our advertising supported Roku channel package. This process of “waterfalling” allows our software to make you more money by searching through ad brokers and only playing ads from brokers who have them to offer.

How much is your ad broker offering to play 1K of ads?

This is called CPM. YouTube pays video owners only about $1-2 dollars per thousand views if you are lucky enough to qualify. Private ad brokers pay more. They usually pay $6-8 dollars for every thousand ads you play. Premium ad brokers pay even more. These brokers can pay $8 to $25 per thousand ads. However, rates above $11 per thousand are rare and hard to get even if you are accepted into a premium broker’s ring of partners.

So, how much money can you make? For example, if you play at least 6K ads per day at $7 per thousand ads, you will make $42. There are lots of tips and tricks we know that can help you create a successful ad supported channel.

Please contact MIC for a consultation on your Roku development needs. We are happy to help with your project.